How to beat cold weather blues!

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weather_graphicBundle up! It’s going to be chilly for the next few days. But don’t let the cold weather get you down.

With winter, daylight is shorter and this can cause lethargy, irritability and depression. However, here are some tips to help boost your mood through this cold weather spell.

Exercise: Did you know that working out at least three times a week can reduce symptoms of depression with almost the same effectiveness as antidepressants? Not to mention, you’ll have more energy throughout the day and in turn boost your metabolism.

Eat Healthy: Eat foods that fuel your body with energy. The American Heart Association suggests consuming easily digested carbohydrates and lean protein, to avoid feeling lethargic. Eat healthy complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat breads, low-fat yogurt, brown rice, vegetables and fruits, and lean protein such as turkey, fish, quinoa and beans.

Spend Time Outside: The sun provides Vitamin D and can also improve your mood – sunlight releases neurotransmitters in the brain that affect mood. With cold weather, many of us are prone to stay indoors and spend less time outside. However, lack of sunlight can make you feel depressed.

If your busy schedule limits your chances at seeing sunlight try opening your blinds or updating your light bulbs to bulbs that mimic natural light.

Become a Morning Person: Going to bed and waking up earlier during the months of shorter daylight can help you avoid the winter funk. You’ll see more sunlight, which can increase Vitamin D consumption as well as mood.

Relax: Try to set aside time to relax each day. Try meditation, yoga or reading. Relaxation can decrease stress and create calm energy.

And don’t forget we live in paradise! In just a few months, we’ll be back to warmer temperatures and sunny beach days.