24/7 Connect

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For many patients 65 and over, it can be tricky to find the right services and resources needed to keep up with personal health. From juggling prescriptions, communicating with physicians and managing chronic health conditions, the world of Medicare can be time-consuming and confusing.

Thankfully, White-Wilson Medical Center’s 24/7 Connect now offers a larger array of benefits available to both Medicare and Medicare Advantage members, providing them with easy access to trusted health care professionals.

“Now, more than ever, I see patients searching for support outside of office hours,” says White-Wilson doctor Vergil Brown III. “Health-related questions or concerns shouldn’t wait for the next available appointment opening, and it’s important that patients feel in control of their wellbeing and have peace of mind.”

This is where White-Wilson’s 24/7 Connect comes into play, explains Dr. Brown. Upon enrollment, in addition to many helpful features, patients will have Care Coordinators to routinely check in with and relay important information that is then shared with their primary care doctor.

“As an internal medicine physician, I focus on taking care of patients with more complex and chronic medical needs,” continues Dr. Brown. “The 24/7 Connect program makes it easier for my patients to communicate about needs or changes in health. In turn, it provides me with a better understanding of their situation, so they get the most out of each visit.”

In addition to 24/7 access to White-Wilson’s trusted health care professionals and routine check-ins, enrollees in the program will benefit from convenient medication management and refill requests, remote health monitoring, no wait times or callbacks, and easy appointment scheduling.

“I always encourage my patients to take advantage of 24/7 Connect and its features,” adds Dr. Brown. “If you’re not sure whether you qualify for enrollment, just ask your White-Wilson primary physician.”

Enrollment in 24/7 Connect is a benefit fully or significantly covered by many health plans. Our 24/7 Connect Coordinators can discuss what, if any, out-of-pocket costs may apply. For more information, call 850.863.1480 or visit https://caretrack.com/wwmc247connect/.

Dr. Vergil Brown is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician in White-Wilson Medical Center Fort Walton Beach. His practice emphasizes disease prevention and management, and general adult primary care. Learn more about Dr. Brown and his approach to patient care here.