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If you struggle with daytime sleepiness, fatigue or snoring you may have sleep apnea.

White-Wilson now offers a convenient home sleep test to help diagnose this condition.

White-Wilson's Cardiopulmonary Testing Department is now offering a new type of sleep apnea test that is more convenient and comfortable for our patients. The ARES (Apnea Risk Evaluation System) Home Sleep Monitor provides several benefits over traditional in-clinic sleep tests:

User Friendly

  • ARES Home Sleep test is conducted at your home.
  • The self-applied device is light and comfortable.
  • The device is a small sensor placed on the forehead and involves no wires.

Cost Effective

  • ARES Home Sleep test is about half the cost of a clinical in-laboratory test.

ARES Home Sleep Apnea Test

Dr. Chaney Discusses ARES Home Sleep Apnea Testing Available at White-Wilson