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Wherever your health care journey may lead, White-Wilson is here for you.

In a commitment to providing our patients the highest level of care, White-Wilson Medical Center is proud to offer in-patient services at area skilled nursing facilities. Our long-term care and rehabilitation specialists are available to provide care to patients who have been admitted to these facilities anytime the need should arise.

White-Wilson long-term care and rehabilitation specialists are here to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition from outpatient care or hospital stays to in-patient facilities. As a part of White-Wilson's team of providers, they work collaboratively with your White-Wilson primary care providers, specialists and hospitalists, to provide the coordinated care you need during your stay. These specialists are highly skilled and experienced providers committed to providing you or your loved ones with quality, compassionate care.

Our Long Term Care Specialist

Melissa Fischer, M.D.
Long Term Care & Rehabilitiation
Fort Walton Beach