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Colon Cancer is #2 Cause of Deaths

Colon cancer is the #2 cause of cancer deaths in the US, but it is also one of two preventable cancers.
At White-Wilson, we believe that preventing colon cancer requires a proactive approach by both doctors and patients. We take pride in offering Colonoscopy Screenings as a preventive measure to reduce your risk of colon cancer.
A Colonoscopy Screening is simply a routine colonoscopy for individuals who are not experiencing any pain or symptoms.

  • You do not need a doctor's referral for screenings.
  • If you have a family history of colon cancer/colon polyps, you should schedule a screening colonoscopy at age 40.
  • If you have no family history of colon cancer, you should schedule a screening at age 50.
  • If you are experiencing and gastrointestinal symptoms, you should contact your primary care physician.

The Facts

  • Polyps are pre-cancerous tissue often discovered and removed during a colonoscopy, thus preventing cancer development.
  • The majority of people with polyps or early colon cancer do not have any symptoms.
  • 70% of colony cancer patients do not have a family history of colon cancer. Everyone is at risk, and colon cancer equally affects men and women.

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Did you know?

Many times, colorectal cancer can be prevented. Still, it's the second most common cause of cancer death among men and women in the United States. Don't let these 5 common myths stop you from getting the lifesaving tests you need, when you need them.
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